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Intelecox  Inc. is a dynamic organization  committed to providing the latest innovative solutions for your information technology  and scientific discovery needs.

Intelecox believes in working very closely with our clients and partners to gain a clear understanding of their business requirements and propose the most appropriate solution, wherever possible and appropriate, transferring our skills to our clients' employees.

Intelecox is committed to your success by carefully selecting the right technology solutions for you. Our goal is your success.  While you focus on your key business strengths we take care of your information technology and scientific discovery needs.

Intelecox Delivers advanced computing solutions that increase organizational productivity while lowering operational costs.

Intelecox connects clients to technology solutions that address today’s business objectives while providing an asset-protected migration path to accomplishing tomorrow’s goals.

Intelecox  core philosophy is rooted in viewing our clients as partners. As tactical and professional partners, our goal with clients is to form long-term, fulfilling relationships that put the power of technology into the hands of all who are involved. Each Intelecox client is delivered a custom set of resources that take advantage of the IT expertise that Intelecox has compiled from its long-standing presence as a IT solutions and services providers